Best E Cigarette On The Market


Best E Cigarette On The Market

Best E Cigarette On The Market - Man holding e cigTo understand what the best e cigarette on the market is you need to know what makes the best e cigs best for you. The top rated e cigarette 2013 in my opinion would be Green Smoke, my best e-cig for 2013. But there is more than just one best e-cig brand for this year and out of all of them there are different electronic cigarettes which qualify for the best e cig for different folks. E cigs have come a long way in just a few short years!

The e cigarette or (E-cig) has revolutionized the way we smoke as the governing bodies that bear responsibly for the way smokers daily conduct affect the lives of non-smokers, have outlawed smoking in public places. Over 1/4 of the world’s adult population enjoy the pleasure of smoking; for whatever reason.

After this strategic move by the powers that be, the e cigarette has become a fixture of the international landscape offering protecting the non-smoking populace as well as giving back the freedom to those who choose to enjoy smoking. So how can you determine what is the best e cigarette on the market? With fierce competition at every turn, there are a few characteristics that can assist you in determining what is the best e cigarette to buy.

The best e cigarette on the market, usually possess a consumer rating of 9.4 or higher out of a 10 point rating. In the department of taste, it displays all the qualities of an adequate replica of the tobacco filled cigarette. Somehow, the manufactures of these brands were able to combine all that is inherently a tobacco filled cigarette into their product(s), to give you the most genuine experience without the harmful side effects.

The vapor production should be deemed phenomenal, surpassing every, if not most models with either the tank or coil system. The ease of draw is also one of the qualities you should examine when making the determination of what is the best e cigarette to buy. Persons who have experienced one or more of these types of e cigarettes commented on the warmth and thickness of the vapor in the best choices available and the innate feeling of getting the ‘full’ drag experience.

Let’s face it; a flashy cigarette does nothing to improve the quality of the product or the experience or should in no way determine what is the best e cigarette to buy.

The best e cigarette on the market; thought possessing many qualities should also have a battery that is long lasting which is an absolutely necessity when choosing the e cigarette that is right for you.

In making the decision of what is the best e cigarette on the market, consumer reviews are a helpful way to assist in making that determination. Any brand that leans towards the affirmative is usually one of the best e cigarettes on the market and will dictate what the best e cigarette to buy is.


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